One of the main advantages of individually quick freezing food is allowing the fruits and vegetables to maintain their nutritional values and their shelf lives to be guaranteed for 24 months if kept at -18°C. Puree tablets, dices, rings, slices and whole are some of the forms available for supply.

Whole Green Jalapeno Chilies

Diced Green Jalapeno Chilies

Whole Red Jalapeno Chilies

Diced Red Jalapeno Chilies

Red Jalapeno Chili Rings

Green Jalapeno Chili Rings


Diced Brocolli

Diced Carrots

15mm Diced Ginger

Diced Pumpkins

Sliced Tomatoes

Diced Tomatoes

Diced Red Bell Peppers

Julienne Red Bell Peppers

Diced Green Bell Peppers

Julienne Green Bell Peppers

Diced White Onions

Diced Cassava (Yuca)

Diced Arracacha

Sliced Lemons

Lemon Wedges

Sliced Limes

Lime Wedges

Sliced Bananas

Red Jalapeno Chili Puree Tablets

Green Jalapeno Chili Puree Tablets

Ginger Puree Tablets

Lime Juice Puree Tablets

Lime Zest

Orange Zest


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